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Retractable Metal Straw

Retractable Metal Straw

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Now available in 3 colours:
🌈 Rainbow Straw + Silver Case
🖤 Black Straw + Black Case
🌹 Rose Gold Straw + Rose Gold Case

Each individual retractable metal straw includes:
- Retractable straw
- Retractable straw cleaner
- Metal case with keychain

- When straw extended fully: 250mm
- When straw retracted: 108mm
- Metal case: 126mm


Sip on the go, wherever you go! 🥤

Be ready for a bubble tea fix at all times when you can attach this convenient, easy to bring around retractable metal straw on your keychain or pop it in your bag! These straws come in a metal case and have a retractable little straw cleaner too! Perfect for anytime and anywhere. 👀

Perfect for any sized cup since they can be extended two times! 🧋

Now available in 3 colours:
🌈 Rainbow Straw + Silver Case
🖤 Black Straw + Black Case
🌹 Rose Gold Straw + Rose Gold Case

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sharon Reid
Ms Sharon Reid

It works very well.

Claire Horsley
Convenient package

Very handy to be able to carry this around in my bag 😊

Amelie Thompson
Cool idea

I think it is easer to travel with although the issues i have found is that the straw tends to collapse when using it. Is difficult to clean the metal holder as it is so narrow.

Geoffrey Crook
2 outa 3 ain't bad...

Ordered 3, 1 of each colour.
The Black one was just the case and cleanaw)
The Red one is sort of ok unless they use the bigger pearls. The top/middle is a tight and smooth fit but the middle/lower section is loose enough to pull up when a big pearl won't fit up the hole.
The Rainbow one is great, it has enough tension for a great seal and it won't collapse when sucking up a pearl.

Hi Geoffrey! I'm so sorry to hear about this.

Could you let me know the order so I can check on this, please?

Tabitha Brown-White
Great straw but had some issues

One of the joints of the straw came pretty loose making it hard to drink my tea without it retracting into the drink and it's pretty hard to clean the case properly since it's so tall and thin, other that that ita been very convenient and fun to use

Hi Tabitha!

We're so sorry for your experience, this is not what we want you to have. But thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will use this to improve our products.

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