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Butterfly Pea

Butterfly Pea

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This pack includes:

  • 50g Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea


TRICK: Colour Changing. TREAT: Good for you

Health benefits:

Read more about the health benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea here.

— It's caffeine-free

— Rich in antioxidant properties

— Promotes vitality and healthy ageing

— Enhances immune system and memory

— Healthy detox for the body

— Strengthens hair growth and prevents hair loss or greying

— Reduces stress and anxiety

The mesmerising Butterly Pea Tea that's soothing, cleansing and heavenly!

Butterfly Pea is magical.

Not just because of its colour change when mixed with other ingredients, but because of its great health benefits too. Butterfly Pea is a flower tea that once infused, will display an exciting and magical vibrant blue! Perfect for creating a unique tea experience.

Brewing Instructions:

Place approximately 5 flowers in 200mL of boiled water at 90°C. Steep for 4-6 minutes and watch it slowly turn blue as it infuses!

Enjoy hot or cold.

Handy tips:

Add lemon to make it turn pink or purple (depending on the acidity).
Or add it to one of our milk/fruit teas for some experimenting fun!

Must be consumed within 3 months of opening

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Butterfly Pea

Care Instructions

Learn how to care for your ingredients here.

Must be consumed within 3 months of opening.

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