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Bubble Tea Scented Candles

Bubble Tea Scented Candles

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Pooki found candles....

Each box comes with: 

🕯x1 BBT Club x Pooki Scented Candle (Taro, Peach Oolong, Brown Sugar OR Lychee)

💕 x1 Collectable card

✂️ x1 Pooki sticker sheet

PSST... Scan the QR code for a fun surprise! 😉



Infusing cute art and fragrance into your space - introducing our exclusive yummy-smelling Bubble Tea Candles! ✨

We've teamed up with @haiipooki on Instagram to take our boba obsession to the next level 🐰

Enjoy the irresistible scents of taro, peach oolong, brown sugar, and lychee to elevate your bubble tea experience! The perfect little gift for your loved ones this holiday season 🎁

PSST... Scan the QR code for a fun surprise! 😉

Candle Specs

Candles are:
- Single wick
- 40 hour burn time
- Made out of glitter wax

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meet pooki

pooki materialised into our world. with her mission clear in her mind. to dream of, to find, to create the most elusive scent known to mankind.

but, she did have to venture far

she was forced to venture into the far reaches of the cosmos. running across, around and over planets and galaxies with the help of our balloons

until, the land of bubble tea

having found the planet of bubble tea around which the rainbow road revolved, pooki extracted and infused candles with the scents which she had finally found.