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Bubble Tea Club 500ml Glass Cup + Shaker (2-in-1)

Bubble Tea Club 500ml Glass Cup + Shaker (2-in-1)

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You'll get:
  • 1x500ml Glass Cup & Shaker


Introducing Bubble Tea Club's 2-in-1 500mL Glass Cup + Shaker.
Did you know a shaker is the most thorough way to mix drinks? The glass shaker comes with a two-piece lid so you can mix your drink and pour out the tea through the strainer.

There's also measuring on the side of our shakers, so you can add just the right amount of any ingredients.

PS: These shaker are perfect not just for bubble tea but for any beverage including cocktails.

FYI: Remove the lids and you have a glass cup to drink straight out of!

Shaker Capacity: 500ml

User Guide:
Fill shaker with ice till 1/2 or 3/4 full
Pour in your liquid up to the 500ml line
Secure the strainer lid tightly
Then secure the top lid
Now shake like you mean it till mixed!
Strain the drink or keep it in a glass cup
Tip & Trick:
Make sure there's at least half a glass of ice in the shaker and shake it over a sink! If there's too much hot liquid and not enough ice, it may cause leakage when you shake.

Please hand wash only.

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Hang Truong
3 Stars

It's not tight it leaks.

And there's more...

With everything you need to have a sustainable, delicious and convenient bubble tea experience. You can use our bbt accessories however you like!

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