What Is The Best Kind Of Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is so much more than just flavoured milkshake. It’s full of bubbles (obviously), flavours, and sometimes even bubbles in the flavours. Whether you choose from the standard milk options or opt for something more unique, the best part about this beverage is that there are literally infinite possibilities for recipes and tastes. 

Original Milk Tea

Not sure what to expect? Here are five we love from our own range.

  1. Chocolate

To no one's surprise, Chocolate Milk Tea is at the top of the list. The flavour that is universally loved around the world is also a winner in our own range. It's the perfect accompaniment to the creaminess that comes naturally with any bubble tea variant, making it a must-try. 

  1. Strawberry

Everyone's favourite summer berry takes the silver here, with the fruit balancing out the richness of the drink with its incredibly fresh flavour. We recommend our Strawberry Milk Tea kit for those that love a good berry-based treat. 

  1. Coconut

Taking a break from the more in-your-face flavours and looking towards a more mellow one, Coconut Milk Tea comes in third on our list of options to try. Indulge yourself with an incredibly rich beverage that is sure to coat your mouth and excite taste buds.

  1. Matcha

Without hesitation, Matcha Milk Tea makes the cut for its unique flavour profile, featuring an earthy taste without any bitterness. Expect a slight sense of sweetness here, making it perfect as a bubble tea flavour. 

  1. The Original

Sometimes you just want to embrace the basics and our Original Milk Tea presents the very best of this drink in all its glory. Sip on everything this popular beverage is known for, without any flavours overpowering its base recipe. If you haven’t given the original version a shot, now’s the time.

The verdict

We are all about trying out new things, so naturally, we recommend giving all of these a go. But if you need to choose just one, the above options are our recommended, as they're always extremely popular within our own range. The main detail to understand when picking out your go-to flavour is that fruit and milk teas do slightly differ in texture. For example, fruit-based recipes are light and refreshing, while milkier versions are traditionally a little thicker and creamier. 

Alternatively, you can create your very own kit for something personalised, ensuring every last detail is as amazing as you expected it to be.

All in all, we have dozens of different kits and designs to choose from, and a whole host of accessories too. If you're ready to spoil yourself (or someone special) with a range of goodies, we're all stocked up on everything you need to start your bubble tea journey.  

Ready to stock up on bubble tea you can make and enjoy at home? Shop for our range of fruit tea and milk tea kits online now! And if you have any questions you need answered, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team for easy support. 

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