Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (or commonly also known as Blue Tea) is a herbal tea that turns a vibrant blue when the petals are infused in water! The flower petals come from a beautiful plant scientifically named Clitoria ternatea, that commonly grows in Southeast Asia.

The blue tea can be enjoyed either hot or cold on its own - the taste and aroma is often described as earthy or vegetal. But adding lemon or honey to the tea can also add a little exciting element to it!


So what are the benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea?

  • It's caffeine-free, making it a great alternative for caffeinated tea/coffee!
  • Rich in antioxidant properties (such as proanthocyanidin which supports skin collagen/elasticity and anthocyanin which supports eye and hair health)
  • Promotes vitality and healthy ageing
  • Enhances immune system and memory
  • Healthy detox for the body
  • Strengthens hair growth and prevents hair loss or greying
  • Reduces stress and anxiety


Let the magic happen! 

Did you know that if you add certain ingredients to Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, you can witness some colour magic! This is because when the pH balance of the tea changes, the colour changes!

  • Add lemon to change the colour to a pink/purple (depending on the acidity)
  • Add it to white wine or lemonade for fun


We recommend adding Butterfly Pea Flower Tea to your Bubble Tea too, here's some magic you might see when you add it to our:


Green Apple Fruit Tea
Green Apple Fruit Tea with Butterfly Pea

Coconut Milk Tea and Matcha Powder
Coconut Milk Tea with Butterfly Pea

Strawberry Popping Pearls with Lychee Fruit Tea and Butterfly Pea
Strawberry Popping Pearls with Lychee Fruit Tea and Butterfly Pea

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