Unique Valentine's Day Ideas in 2024: DIY Date Night Kit, Bubble Tea Delights, and More!

This Valentine's Day, break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with a lineup of unique and romantic ideas from BBT Club ❤️ ! From a DIY Date Night Kit featuring a DIY Decoden Frame Kit from Decoden Crafts👩🏻‍🎨 and delectable Bubble Tea Nama Chocolates from Mamé Cocoa🍫 – these perfect Valentine’s Day suggestions will surely make your celebration unforgettable! 🎀

DIY Date Night Kit: Crafting Love in Every Detail 🖼

Spend a cosy night at home this Valentine’s Day and indulge in a night of creativity and connection with our DIY Date Night Kit🧘🏻‍♀️! The DIY Decoden Frame Kit from Decoden Crafts invites you to create a stunning frame to treasure and display your love story memories🥹. Perfect for all skill levels, this kit includes everything you need to create a personalised masterpiece that captures the essence of your relationship 🫶🏼! The perfect accompaniment to your crafty date - bubble tea! Enjoy a matching bubble tea with BBT Club’s DIY bubble tea kits while you’re decorating your frame, all in the comfort of your own home🧋.

*Launching Friday 2nd February 2024, 12PM AEDT.

Bubble Tea Nama Chocolates: Sweet Indulgence in Every Bite 💝

Treat your taste buds to a unique and delectable experience with our Bubble Tea Nama Chocolates😋! Crafted with Mamé Cocoa’s velvety-smooth nama chocolates🤤, these indulgent treats are available in enticing Strawberry Black Tea🍓, and a mixed box of Taro and Milk Tea flavours🍠🧋! Surprise your special someone with these delightful treats that combine the richness of chocolate with the beloved flavours of bubble tea.

Bubble Tea Scented Candles: Aromatherapy for Love 🕯

Set the mood with the sweet and comforting aroma of our Bubble Tea Scented Candles 🥰. Infused with the delightful scents of your favourite bubble tea flavours - Taro, Brown Sugar, Peach Oolong and Lychee -, these candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your Valentine's Day celebration✨. You can even customise the candles with the bonus sticker sheet - another date idea! Indulge your senses and enhance the romantic ambiance with these charming candles🌹!

Boba Plushies: Cuddly Companions 🧸

Bring a touch of whimsy to your celebration with adorable Boba Plushies😌. These huggable companions not only add a playful element to your Valentine's Day but also serve as a charming reminder of your shared love for bubble tea💕. Gift one to your partner for a cute and cuddly addition to your special day!

DIY Bubble Tea Kit: Craft and Sip Together🧋

You can never go wrong with our best-selling product for your boba-obsessed date🙏🏼! Extend the bubble tea experience with our DIY Bubble Tea Kit. Experiment with flavours, create personalised concoctions, and enjoy the art of crafting delicious beverages together😇. DIY Kits from BBT Club provides all the essential ingredients for a fun and flavourful activity, making it the perfect addition to your at-home date night💐.

This Valentine's Day, turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with BBT Club’s curated selection of unique ideas💌. From DIY crafts and delectable chocolates to scented candles and cuddly companions, these suggestions are designed to make your celebration truly special🙌🏼. Embrace the spirit of love, creativity, and indulgence as you craft a memorable Valentine's Day experience!

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