Brown Sugar is our 2020 Top Seller

Brown Sugar is our 2020 Top Seller

Originating from Taiwan, the drink has taken the world by storm by its good looks a.k.a. Instagram-perfect but also the rich creamy sweet flavours. With our brown sugar syrup, you could make brown sugar milk tea instantly. 

If you’re wondering how to make bubble tea at home that’s just as good as the store made ones, here's three bubble tea recipes using our brown sugar syrup.

  1. Brown Sugar Latte Milk Tea

To change up your daily cup of coffee, you can add a touch of brown sugar syrup depending on how sweet you’d like your drink. And BAM - brown sugar lattes 😍

Here's what you'll need:

Brown Sugar Coffee

  1. Brown Sugar Boba Pearls

If you’re like us and are OBSESSED with brown sugar boba pearls 🤤 but don’t know how to make boba pearls on your own, check out this recipe:

It’s as simple as boiling the bubble tea pearls with the brown sugar syrup. Then add your preferred milk for a cup of brown sugar milk tea. Or use it as toppings for fave desserts like soft serve, french toast, flan and chiffon cake (pshhh, brown sugar cake anyone 👀)

Here's what you'll need:

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

  1. Brown Sugar Matcha Latte

Or if you feel like mixing, we also have a recipe for the fantastic duo - brown sugar matcha milk tea for you to try. Or test your creativity and let us know what’s your match made in heaven for brown sugar syrup.

Here's what you'll need: 

Brown Sugar Matcha Milk Tea

✨ So if you haven’t tried it yet, this is your sign. You can purchase the brown sugar syrup and pearls separately here, or as a kit here.


✨ Our Brown Sugar Kit:

🥇 Makes 20 drinks. That’s $1.10 a drink.
🥇 4.9/5 Star Rating, ‘Tastes better than the store bought ones.’ — Tamara P.
🥇 It’s vegan friendly. Make it with your own choice of milk.
🥇 Make INSTANTLY. Just add brown sugar syrup to cup and mix with any milk.
🥇 Sourced from Taiwan, home of bubble tea.


Much love,

Jenny and Pam x

PS: Don't forget to take pictures, or let us know your favourite recipes.

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