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Aussie As Lamington Boba with Strawberry Popping Pearls

Aussie As Lamington Boba with Strawberry Popping Pearls

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Here's what's included: 10 pack coconut flavoured powder 10 pack chocolate flavoured powder 10 pack strawberry popping pearls
Popping Pearl


So we partnered with Aussie As. Aussie As is the quintessential home of everything that makes our great country the place we all love. Professional meme lovers, classic Aussies!

They're a Facebook page with over 468k Aussies who a part of the community. You can join them too by heading to

We wanted to make an Aussie drink and our Bubbler, Claire Bradley, came to mind! She shared her Lamington recipe on our Facebook group, Bubble Tea Club (link to it). We fell in love!

We are dedicating this drink to Claire. We really mean it when we say we appreciate you guys. Thank you so much to Claire for nominating for People's Choice Retailer Award 2020.

Claire's Recipe:
In a 500mL cup, add 1-2 table spoons of chocolate and
2 table spoons of coconut powder. Pour boiling water and mix to dissolve. Allow to cool, then add half a cup of ice and add 10pk strawberry popping pearls (optional)

"The lamington is my go-to treat walking into a bakery, especially if there's jam lamingtons. After buying both Chocolate Tea kit and a Coconut Tea kit I had to mix them together, and it had a laming-tonne of flavour."

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Customer Reviews

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Jamee Marshall

I didn't get the popping strawberries but yet to try 😁

The package also took just under a month to get to me, and by the time it did the box was so wet that customs had to re-box the items.

This is the only issue I had

Hi Jamee!

Thank you for your honest feedback and we're so sorry to hear about the wet box. We'd love to make it up to you.

Do you have any damaged items from your orders?