How to make the perfect
bubble tea for only $2.19

Date: 01/08/2020
Written by Jenny and Pam

The bubble tea cravings kick in, but the bubble tea store you like to frequent is closed and your bank account is not looking too happy about your third boba purchase this week.

Say no more, we’ve gotchu! Here’s a simple recipe to make the perfect cup of bubble tea for just $2.19 a cup (fixing your bbt cravings AND not breaking the bank… #lifehack!)

Matcha latte cup

Originating from Taiwan, bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea or boba tea) has taken over the beverage industry by storm! Typically made with a tea base mixed with creamy milk and chewy tapioca pearls (boba), bubble tea can be served either hot or cold with the ice/sugar levels customised to your own liking! The tapioca pearls are usually rather flavourless on their own, but once combined with the creamy goodness of the milk tea you’ve got the perfect beverage that sends happy tingles down the spine!

Although the classic bubble tea drink is simply milk tea and boba, you can always ✨spice✨ things up a little by opting for a flavoured milk tea, swapping out the boba for different toppings or adjusting your ice/sugar levels.

There is no doubt bubble tea has won the hearts of many around the globe as the go-to drink!

Tell me, tell me! What’s the recipe!
Ok, hold your horses! We understand all the excitement, so here’s the (not so secret) recipe to make the perfect classic original bubble milk tea…

To make things super simple, grab your Bubble Tea Club Milk Tea kit for all the ingredients you exactly need.

Let’s start with the boba
If you’re a bubble tea connoisseur, you’ll understand how important it is to get your pearls/boba to be “QQ” (what the locals refer to as the perfect chewy texture of the pearls).

First grab your pearls! We’re recommending 2 tbs of pearls per serve - but feel free to adjust the boba ratio to your own liking if you like more/less or if you’re making a big batch!

Prepare 360ml of water in a pot and bring to boil over the stove. Once you’ve got your water bubbling, let’s dump in the pearls and give it a good mix every few minutes to avoid having them stick together (this is so you can have the optimum drinking experience later - we don’t want a large blanket of boba pearls shooting through your straw… big hazard, not ideal… speaking from our own negative experiences). Let the boba dance and boil away for around 20 minutes (or until desired QQ-ness). Then, take them out of the pot to drain!

Moving on to the milk tea
If you’re making the original milk tea, you’ll simply need one Bubble Tea Club milk tea bag. If you’re feeling a lil bit fancy and making a flavoured milk tea, grab your Bubble Tea Club milk tea flavour powder (taro/honeydew/thai/strawberry/chocolate/coconut) , you’ll need around 3 tbs of flavour powder.

Place the milk tea bag or flavoured powder in 250ml of hot water and stir until dissolved (if using flavour powder; alternatively let the tea bag soak for 5-10 mins or until your desired tea strength by soaking for longer/shorter, then remove the tea bag).

Add in 3tbs of Bubble Tea Club creamer and add Bubble Tea Club fructose to your desired sweetness. Mix. 🌪

Assemble the drink!
Add your desired amount of ice into a cup (or if you’re on the go, pour it into your Bubble Tea Club Reusable Bubble Tea Cup). Add your cooked chewy tapioca pearls that we prepared before, then pour in the milk tea!

That’s it, you’re now a bobarista making your own DIY bubble milk tea! 👁👅👁


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