Your go-to beverage: How Bubble Tea can be an alternative to your coffee or tea

For a while now, bubble tea has been steadily rising in popularity, becoming one of the go-to beverages for more and more people. Rather than being an occasional treat, can bubble tea be a real alternative to your daily cup of coffee (or tea)? Read on to find out!

Nutritional value

Bubble tea is more than just a delicious drink. Like any tea, bubble tea has high levels of antioxidants that are contained in tea leaves and pandan (green leaf). Also, chewy tapioca pearls that are usually added to bubble tea contain some iron and fibre. Because of the pearls, fruit bits, jelly, and sugar, bubble tea also has some nutritional value mostly simple carbohydrates giving you quick energy. Your average serving of boba is likely to contain at least 100 calories but, as most people add milk and multiple toppings and go for large drinks, you can easily be looking at 300 - 450 calories per serving. So, instead of getting that coffee and a couple of biscuits, you can have your drink and dessert in one go with pearls and bubbles! This is a particularly appealing option if you are allergic to nuts or gluten, as tapioca balls contain none of these ingredients.

Of course, as with any sweet beverage, you might want to regulate your sugar intake. Luckily, bubble tea comes in a variety of sweetness levels and, even if you choose to add no sugar to your drink, tapioca pearls still have a very subtle sweet flavour of their own.

Variety of flavours and toppings

Coffee lovers might argue otherwise but, if you live outside Italy, it’s highly unlikely that the variety of options your local coffee shop offers will come anywhere close to that offered by your favourite bubble tea place. Considering all the toppings available, there can easily be over 100 options on the menu at any given time so you are guaranteed to never be left bored for choice! 

Visual appeal

This is where bubble tea easily wins over your takeaway coffee. This colourful drink full of pearls is served in see-through plastic cups, and there are endless accessories like cups, cup holders, straws, carry bags, etc. available to customise and personalise your bubble tea drinking experience. Add to it some bubble tea merchandise like a bag, T-shirt, or earrings and you’ve got a complete look!

Social side

Today nearly all of us have that bubble tea crazy friend or two! You may easily find yourself switching to bubble tea just because you’ve been watching someone enjoy this delicious drink over and over again. Many bubble tea shops don’t just serve takeaway drinks but feature trendy, welcoming settings and are perfect for hanging out with friends.

Of course just like any good thing in life bubble tea needs to be enjoyed in moderation. Just as you shouldn't let your coffee consumption get out of control, you need to watch your intake of bubble tea and be mindful of the sugar levels and toppings you select. If you do that, boba can be a decent alternative to your coffee or tea, providing you with that much needed afternoon energy boost.

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