Popular bubble tea options

Why is bubble tea so popular?

Whether you prefer calling it “bubble tea” or just “boba” the huge popularity of bubble tea is undeniable. In the age when we are more spoilt for choice than ever, what is it that makes bubble tea so appealing for so many people? Here are some of the main reasons why bubble tea has become so popular all over the world.

Unique texture and taste

You’ve probably guessed it it’s mostly about the pearls!  Chewing on them can be irresistibly and almost inexplicably addictive for many of us. Whether it’s “black pearls” made of tapioca, or those yummy fruit-flavoured jelly pieces bubble tea always contains some chewable bits. This alone makes drinking bubble tea a more exciting experience when compared to your regular soft drink, tea, or coffee.

Huge variety of flavours

Black pearls, white pearls, every possible choice of fruity flavours, sweetness levels, hot or cold it’s too easy to become overwhelmed with the choices available. For those ordering their bubble tea for the first time, the instructions that the person in front of them is confidently giving to the cashier can even sound a bit intimidating. On the plus side, you truly have a huge variety of options for experimenting with your bubble tea and eventually finding the combination that is perfect for you.

Aesthetic appeal

Bubble tea not only tastes great it looks good, too! Large sealed or capped cups, colourful drinks and pearls, unusually wide straws all of that looks appealing and arouses curiosity. It’s hard to watch someone enjoy their bubble tea (after expertly piercing the seal with their straw!) and not to be tempted to try it at least once.

Bubble tea is trendy

Drinking bubble tea has been on trend for quite a few years now and it’s still cool. Friend groups often meet at their favourite bubble tea places. And let’s not forget all the bubble tea merch! It’s no longer just about cups and cup holders everything from boba T-shirts to bags to earrings is sold, bought, and worn all over the world. 

Bubble tea just keeps evolving

Even if you are a seasoned bubble tea drinker, you can always discover some new flavours and combinations as these are being added constantly. Traditional tea, coffee, and soft drink options might look a bit plain and boring when you compare them to the ever-changing, vibrant world of bubble tea.

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