Is Boba Milk Tea Caffeinated: Bubble Tea Explained

Is Boba Milk Tea Caffeinated: Bubble Tea Explained

Originating in Taiwan, this fun and somewhat playful beverage is well regarded across the globe. Many years ago, what started as a trending drink has continued to gain traction, especially with teens and kids - not only because of the sweet taste but the pearls look fun too.

We often get asked whether this refreshment contains caffeine, and if so, how much? Before we break it down, let's go back a little and understand a little more about what it is first.

A Mainstay Refreshment with Tapioca Pearls

As a cold brew, it is a highly versatile liquid that allows you to play with flavours, consumed cold or hot, loaded with flavoursome juices or come in the form of a simple boba milk tea. 

As what has become a mainstay refreshment, in its basic form, it consists of a black brew, ice, milk and tapioca pearls that are chewy. When it's all shaken together, you have a beautifully delicious drink that you may be replacing your coffee or morning juice with. 

Does Bubble Tea Contain Caffeine?

As previously mentioned, a boba milk brew is a simple formula and can be consumed hot or cold. You will find that it comes with a wide straw in a clear cup and generally a dose of caffeine, but it doesn't have to.

When this beverage is made from a shop, you have a huge selection to choose from, including non-caffeinated varieties. However, if selecting a tea base, it's generally dispensed from a tank where it's been steeping for some time. Whether it's a hot or cold brew, the longer it steeps, the more caffeine it contains; however, compared to coffee, it is minimal because of the small amount it starts with. 

So, how much is in your beverage? It can range anywhere between 100 to 160mg compared to a regular cup of coffee which has around 380mg.

Making Customised Refreshment Choices

Making customised choices is so much easier now that this refreshment has evolved, and when you make it for yourself at home, you are in control of steeping, caffeine-free options and other additions.

You can choose not to have a traditional boba tea and go for a dairy-based flavour where the fruit is the focus - syrup, powder, raw - in flavours like taro, honeydew and thai milk.

While this popular drink does have caffeine, it can be customised to fit your lifestyle choices like most food and drink orders. There are options where you can choose to have less sugar, no syrup, skim milk or java-free options - the choice is yours.

Whether you're making your own or buying from a store, you can enjoy your drink regularly while also resting easy knowing that your child or yourself aren't consuming too much caffeine. Like a cuppa you make with your favourite brew, you can also gain from the antioxidants that have many positive benefits when consumed in moderation.
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