How to order your bubble tea like a pro

If you’ve been reluctant to try bubble tea because you find the choice too overwhelming and all the options available a bit confusing don’t worry, we’ve all been there! We’ve put together this quick bubble tea ordering guide to help you out. Just follow it and you’ll sound like a pro next time you’re ordering your boba!


The first step is easy just decide on the size of the drink you’d like to order. Bubble tea comes in large or regular sizes.


This is where it gets trickier. You’ve got your traditional milk and milk foam teas, a selection of brewed teas, creative mixes of fruit flavoured teas the list just goes on. If the bubble tea place that you are about to order your drink from has an online menu, it’s a good idea to check it out before making your first order just to familiarise yourself with all the options.


By default, when people say “pearls”, they usually mean the traditional black-coloured tapioca pearls. But you can also get less sweet white pearls (also called Agar Boba) or even popping pearls that burst with fruity flavour when you bite on them. And you can choose to add more than a standard serving of pearls to your drink for example, you can order “double pearl”.

Any other extras

There is an impressive list of “other extras” to choose from, with milk foam being among the most popular. You can also add sweet jelly cubes of various flavours, basil seeds, cookies, and other exciting and tasty extras to your bubble tea.

Serving temperature

Bubble tea can be served hot or cold. Hot bubble tea is usually served with tapioca pearls, while cold boba goes well with popping pearls, fruit jellies, and tapioca pearls. For cold bubble teas, you can choose the “standard ice”, “less ice”, “little ice”, or “no ice” option.


Similar to ice, you have multiple options available here. You can choose to have “standard sugar”, “less sugar”, “half sugar”, “little sugar”, or “no sugar” in your bubble tea. 

Your bubble tea order

That’s it you are done choosing! Your customised bubble tea order should sound something like “a large passionfruit green tea with double pearls, milk foam, less sugar, and standard ice, please”. Enjoy!

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