Originating from Taiwan, bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea or boba tea) has taken over the beverage industry by storm! Typically made with a tea base mixed with creamy milk and chewy tapioca pearls (boba), bubble tea can be served either hot or cold with the ice/sugar levels customised to your own liking! The tapioca pearls are usually rather flavourless on their own, but once combined with the creamy goodness of the milk tea you’ve got the perfect beverage that sends happy tingles down the spine!

Although the classic bubble tea drink is simply milk tea and boba, you can always ✨ spice ✨ things up a little by opting for a flavoured milk tea, swapping out the boba for different toppings or adjusting your ice/sugar levels.

Tell me, tell me! What’s the recipe!

Okay, hold your horses! We understand all the excitement, so here are the (not so secret) recipes to make the perfect bubble tea at home. Check them out below!


Whether it’s original, brown sugar, taro, honeydew, thai, coconut.. All the recipes are here! 

Original Milk Tea Bubble Tea Kit


Peach Fruit Tea


Tips and Tricks to Personalise 

The recipes provided above are the same as if you were going to a store to order a regular sized drink (makes 500mL) with standard sugar and ice. 

Here are some tips and tricks from us to personalise your drink!

Want less sugar?

Then reduce the fructose OR replace the fructose with cane sugar, coconut sugar or stevia… whatever you prefer!

What about no ice? 

If you want no ice, then replace ice for more liquid. For example, instead of half a cup of ice, replace it with 200mL of water (as you’ll still need to dilute the flavour!) 

Give me more tea flavour! 

Steep the tea for longer! The longer you let it steep, the deeper and stronger the tea flavour.

I want a vegan option! 

All of our fruit teas and brown sugar milk teas are vegan. For our original milk tea and matcha milk tea, you’ll need to swap out the creamer for your choice of milk (e.g. oat milk, soy milk etc.) since our creamer is dairy based! All other flavoured milk teas are not vegan.

I’m a toppings fanatic, give me all the toppings! 

Add more toppings or less however you want to achieve your perfect tea to toppings ratio - no one’s stopping you!

I want it to be icy cold! 

Oh we’re getting real serious here then, you’re about to level up to a pro bobarista… If you want to skip the part where you have to wait for your bubble tea to get icy cold, grab your shaker (it can be a cocktail shaker)

Add half a cup of ice into the shaker and then your prepared milk or fruit tea in. Close the cap and give it a good shake! Pour the tea into your glass with your toppings/ice and serve!


That’s it, you’re now a bobarista making your own DIY bubble milk tea!

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