Celebrate the Lunar Niu 🐮 Year with BBT Club

Celebrate the Lunar Niu 🐮 Year with BBT Club

Lunar New Year is a special time for us (Pam and Jenny) and we wanted to share this part of our culture with you, our Bubblers! What better way to do it than through our shared love for Bubble Tea?
To celebrate the Lunar New Year together, we’ve got some very special activities going on. Every activity has an auspicious meaning behind it.  👀



Traditionally, red packets are monetary gifts given out on special occasions in Asian cultures to symbolise good wishes and luck for the year ahead. We’re giving away free red packets with every order to celebrate the new year. 

This is our way of wishing you a happy and prosperous new year ahead.


❽❽ THE NUMBER 8 AND 88 ❽

In our red packets, there’s a chance to win special prizes including $8 and $88 vouchers. In the Chinese culture, the number ‘8’ symbolises wealth. This is because 'eight' (八) in Chinese is pronounced 'ba' which sounds similar to fa (发), meaning "well-off" or "getting rich in a short time". 

‘Cause we could always use more luck and prosperity, especially after 2020.



The girl is holding a fruit syrup bottle with the Chinese character, 福, on it. It means good luck in Chinese! 

The "福" character is often posted upside-down. It is said that this is because the character for "upside-down", "倒" [dào], is a homonym of the character for "to arrive", "到" [dào]. So this means that "福" (happiness, good fortune, etc.) is "arriving.”

Next time you see the word backward, you know why! 😉



We’ve joined forces with MasterChef Bryan Zhu once again to bring you yet another Limited Edition kit: Bryan Zhu’s Lunar New Year Kumquat Black Tea Kit (available for a limited time only). 

Kumquats (as well as oranges and mandarins) are commonly gifted as they’re believed to bring good luck, wealth and happiness - they’re basically a symbol of prosperity! So there’s no doubt citrus trees such as oranges, tangerines, mandarins (and of course, kumquats) are found everywhere in February (Lunar New Year falls on Friday, 12 February 2021 - the year of the Ox!).

As these citrus trees shine in a beautiful orange-gold colour, it is believed they resemble money or gold and hence why they’re the epitome of prosperity! Bonus fact: the words, ‘orange’ and ‘tangerine’ sound similar to ‘luck’ or ‘wealth’ in certain Chinese dialects! 




Head here to order one of Bryan Kumquat Kit to try. If you do, we’d love for you to snap a photo and tag us (@bubbleteaclubau) to share the good luck! 

PS: We’re running a giveaway for an $88 voucher and you might be the lucky one 👀!

T&Cs: To enter, post a picture or story with Bryan’s kit and tag us on Instagram (@bubbleteaclubau). A winner will be randomly selected and contacted via Instagram on March 31st, 2021.


Bubble Tea Club wishes you good health, prosperity & abundance year after year! 

We hope you enjoy celebrating and learning about the Lunar New Year with us. We definitely had fun putting all these activities together for you. 


Much love,

Pam, Jenny & BBT Club Crew

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