Will it taste as good as the bubble tea I buy in-store? What about the ingredients?

Our members have vouched that it tastes just as good (if not better) than the bubble tea made in-store. For the ingredients, they’re sourced straight from Taiwan (the birthplace of bubble tea!) Jenny and I have had our fair share of bubble tea and so we have high standards for the perfect cup of boba.

But we might be a bit biased, so here’s some (out of 1000s) of reviews over on Facebook, Instagram, website and more!

"Delicious tea rivalling the store bought. Tastes and textures are fantastic. Loving the passionfruit ice tea with rainbow jelly." - Claire B.


"Honestly the most amazing brand, I stand by them 100%. The quality is amazing, the packaging is cute and it tastes better than boba from the shops. 100% recommend this brand to anyone who wants their boba fix without leaving the house. My personal favourite is the mango tea." - Amy A.


"Sent one to my girlfriend recently. The ingredients are indeed premium (that even my girlfriend who does tea for a restaurant even commends it). Additionally, the pearls are also really nice (takes very short time to fully cook and has a nice sugary smell). Packaging was also really nice and the team is very communicative. Would definitely recommend." - Anantathep S.


Did someone say bubble tea at home?

Yes, bubble tea delivery right at your doorstep so you can make it at home! 

You either live too far from a good bubble tea store or you’re questioning if it’s worth the effort leaving your cozy home to venture out to get that boba… say less! We offer shipping Australia-wide for a flat rate of $9.95 or free shipping for orders over $79.

"This is your go-to for when you need to satisfy your craving for BBT at home. Will be back to order more in the future!" - Nelson Q.


"Could not be happier to have found the bubble tea club! I love iced tea but I live rural. But now I can make them at home" - Emma B.


I’m no chef in the kitchen, is bubble tea hard to make? What do I need to make bubble tea?

It's really easy! If you can make instant noodles, you can make bubble tea at home. We provide you with all the recipes. 

All you need is your Bubble Tea Club kit, a pot, water and a cup! You’ll be bobarista in no time! Here are some comments our Bubble Tea Club bubblers have said:

"The best thing I have ordered all lockdown. The flavour combinations were spot on it's so easy and fun to make. Really good value for money too, already looking forward to our next box." - Mark L.


"Simple delicious service that really satisfies the bubble tea craving. Quality alternative to getting bubble tea continuously delivered and the act of making it yourself is so calming and therapeutic." - Wesley L.


"Just got and made our first order and will definitely be getting more! Super easy and great directions and easy to adjust to your taste only regret is we didn't order more!" - Nikkianne M.

You’re always typing ‘what bubble tea store is open near me’ or ‘when do bubble tea stores close’ in your search engine…

You won’t ever need to leave the comfort of your home when your Bubble Tea Club kit has got your back 24/7!


How do I know, the feedback is from ‘real’ people? 

Well, how about credible media such as Broadsheet, DailyMail, Pedestrian.TV, Concrete PlayGround, TimeOut, KIIS, Whats On Melb, Urban List… You get the point! 


What bubble tea should I get? What bubble tea flavours are there?

We have over 550 flavour combos. Which is great, cause it means that there’s SOMETHING for everyone! You’re probably not sure where to start! You can always kick off with a 5 pack to give us a go. We’ve also put together a step by step guide on choosing which bubble tea to get! Check it out here.


Hmm… I’m still not convinced yet…

Well... what if we told you get 5% off your next order when you sign up to become part of the Bubble Tea Club?

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