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How to order your bubble tea like a pro

If you’ve been reluctant to try bubble tea because you find the choice too overwhelming – and all the options available a bit confusing – don’t worry, we’ve all been there! We’ve put together this quick bubble tea ordering guide to help you out. Just follow it – and you’ll sound like a pro next time you’re ordering your boba! Size The first step is easy – just decide on the size of the drink you’d like to order. Bubble tea comes in large or regular sizes. Flavour This is where it gets trickier. You’ve got your traditional milk and...

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5 bubble tea facts you should know

If your friends love bubble tea as much as you do, here is your chance to quiz them on some lesser-known facts about this amazing drink. Why is it called bubble tea? Some people believe that bubble tea got its name because of those pearls that look like little bubbles sitting at the bottom of the drink. But it’s much more likely that the name originated from the bubbly froth that forms at the surface of the tea after it’s shaken with milk. Other popular names for bubble tea are “boba” and “pearl milk tea”. Where does bubble tea come...

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Why is bubble tea so popular?

Whether you prefer calling it “bubble tea” or just “boba” – the huge popularity of bubble tea is undeniable. In the age when we are more spoilt for choice than ever, what is it that makes bubble tea so appealing for so many people? Here are some of the main reasons why bubble tea has become so popular all over the world. Unique texture and taste You’ve probably guessed it – it’s mostly about the pearls!  Chewing on them can be irresistibly – and almost inexplicably – addictive for many of us. Whether it’s “black pearls” made of tapioca, or...

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