Kumquat Black Tea
Kumquat Black Tea
Kumquat Black Tea
Kumquat Black Tea
Kumquat Black Tea
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Kumquat Black Tea

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    This kit will not be restocked as it is a limited edition collaboration for Lunar New Year. However, you can still head over to our recipe page for the recipe and purchase the individual items separately here.


    We are celebrating the Lunar New Year and what's better than celebrating it with our love for bubble teas. And we brought Bryan Zhu's back just for that!

    Growing up in a large Chinese-Australian household, food was a big focus for Bryan’s family: whether it be Chinese New Year celebrations, birthdays, Mid-Autumn festivals or any excuse to get the fancy china out. “The first thing I think of when it comes to (Lunar) New Year is absolute over the top celebrations, backed by delicious food and drinks! And what better way to celebrate than with a take on traditional flavours celebrated in this Lunar New Year: kumquat!” So we’ve joined hands with Bryan Zhu once again to bring Bubblers yet another Special Edition kit: Bryan Zhu’s Lunar New Year Kumquat Kit.

    “If I had to describe kumquat in a sentence, it would be like a mandarin on steroids: aromatic, a little sweet and a little sour, and one hundred percent unique, almost like a followup on my yuzu tea I created earlier.” If you want to learn more about why Kumquat, amongst many other things we have planned for the Lunar New Year, check out this blog.

      • Kumquat syrup (400ml )
      • 10 Pack Black Tea Bag
      • Fructose (200ml)
      • Optional Coconut Lychee Jelly (400g)
      • Optional Tapioca Pearls (300g)
      • 10 paper straws
    Check out Bryan's recipe for the kit here